Day 125: Have Shannon will Travel

9 Aug

Many of you may know Shannon already – especially if you travel often. I’ve known Shannon (and her family) for a number of years. She has assisted me with travel plans for a while and I am especially grateful to her for her help with a “situation” that occurred last December on an international flight. There was a lot of confusion, tears and tempers involved (none of them Shannon’s).

What transpired is not important now, but what is important is that I had someone who was calm to help me through the process. It took about a month to resolve the issue, but in the end it was resolved – and I was pleased.

Shannon has been with Rogue Travel for some time, and she is professional and knowledgable about all things concerning travel. You may be able to find a cheap flight on your own, but you’re better off if you have a good travel agent in your corner. They know the ropes and can help you out when you are tied up in them.

Tonight I brought a Quiche Lorraine to Shannon. It is my hope that in some way this “pie” gift will make her life a tiny bit easier – for example, perhaps she won’t have to cook one night this week. It is my way of saying how much I appreciate her friendship and support.

One Response to “Day 125: Have Shannon will Travel”

  1. Katrina August 11, 2011 at 8:49 AM #

    Oh, Shannon! I LOVE Shannon! I forget now who directed me to Shannon, but I am sending a world of gratitude out to you now in my remembering that you did! Shannon is golden in the travel world. Shannon helped me when I could not help myself. Shannon made my travel easy and the decision process worry free! Helpful, patient, kind, thoughtful and thorough well beyond most general issue customer service and the automated replacement we have so often been forced to tolerate and accept in recent times. Shannon is comforting and a comfort to me just knowing she is there and will help me always with her beautiful smile, her generous nature and professional travel expertise. Whenever my travel is over my head, I make sure to see Shannon! Thank you, Karen; what a wonderful reminder and gift to remember Shannon; a true help and gift for all! Just like YOU! šŸ™‚

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