DAY 95: How can you sing the blues in Ashland?

10 Jul

Peach and Raspberry Pie – almost ready for baking

Today was a beautiful day in Ashland. It was sunny and warm but never too hot because there seemed to be a breeze just when you needed it. And since it was Sunday, there wasn’t much in the way of work that needed to be done – but I did have a pie I wanted to bake.

Yesterday I bought some local peaches and I also found some raspberries and so today making a raspberry peach pie seemed ideal. But even as I made the pie I wasn’t sure where its final destination might be. But because I have become accustomed to this “pie project” and know that things all work out in the end, I didn’t worry about it.

When my husband came home from work he reminded me that he wanted to attend the Third Annual Beacon Hill Blues Festival. We packed a picnic, grabbed some chairs and took along my pie – because I knew I would know who to give it to once we were there.

The Beacon Hill Blues Festival is an outdoor concert and this year it was held on private land southeast of Ashland. The entertainment included: Broadway Phil and the Shouters, Pete Herzog, David Pinsky and his Rhythm Kings, and the headliner was Lloyd Jones. We arrived about halfway through the day’s festivities and settled in to listen to the blues.

A few moments later, David Pinsky stepped up to the mike and introduced Broadway Phil and the Shouters and I knew I had my pie recipient. I’ve known of David Pinsky for a long time – from when he was the bagel king of Ashland. He’s been playing the blues for more than twenty years and he hails from New York (which is where I hail from for those of you who didn’t know).

I wanted to give David (and his wife Julia) this pie as a small gesture of thanks – for playing music and sharing it so freely for all these years. They are both members of the Ashland Blues Society (ABS) and their goal is to “support and preserve live blues performance in Southern Oregon.” They do this through twice monthly jam sessions, school visitations and an annual blues festival. What a wonderful gift they have given to us all. You can find out more at

2 Responses to “DAY 95: How can you sing the blues in Ashland?”

  1. David and Julia Pinsky July 12, 2011 at 10:14 AM #

    After a long day of organizing and announcing and playing the Blues the pie was a FANTASTIC surprise. It tastes even better than it looks which is GREAT!!!!! Thanks so much. We are enjoying it everyday. What was funny was right before you walked up with the pie Julia had said how she had wanted something sweet and the pie was as sweet as the day and the Blues Thank you

    David and Julia Pinsky

    • pieadaygiveaway July 12, 2011 at 11:02 AM #

      I am so glad that I was able to give you both a treat! My family had a great time and very much appreciate your hard work in bringing those bands together for this event. Thanks again!

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