Day 77: The Blue Giraffe and taking care of Me

22 Jun

Today when I began thinking about my “pie person” I thought of a woman who owns a local business. However, I soon found out that she was attending a conference and would not be back until early next week. That meant I had to resort to Plan B.

It just so happens that today I also received a Facebook message from The Blue Giraffe. It said that if I was able to answer three trivia questions, and was the first caller, I could receive a massage for 50% off. Well, I was the second caller and had the right answers and if I chose, I could receive a massage for 40% off. I thought about it for a moment and decided, “Well, why not?”

Taking care of ourselves is important. Way back when my children were little, my husband and I attended parenting classes. Jean, our facilitator, told us that we needed to remember to “fill our loving cup” for if it was empty, then we would have little “love” to give. It’s funny how we often tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the list, when really we should be closer to the top. For if we don’t feel good, then how can we be of much help to others? (Somehow our family made it through those tough years: here we are together in Prague – left to right: Emile, Karen, Alexandra and Coco)

Tonight I brought an Apple Walnut Raisin Pie to the Blue Giraffe as I arrived for my appointment. I wanted to thank them for helping me take care of myself. I then enjoyed a Swedish Massage for the first time. It was delicious… I felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards! If you’d like to feel like this, please give them a call (541-488-3335). You will not be disappointed.

One Response to “Day 77: The Blue Giraffe and taking care of Me”

  1. Carolyn June 22, 2011 at 10:04 PM #

    You take care of so many of us, Karen, I am glad to hear you remembered to take care of yourself today 🙂

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