Day 71: A Friend Indeed

17 Jun

About sixteen years ago we moved into our house in Ashland. We’d left behind a 1908 Craftsman home in Portland to move into a 1978 ranch style house in a neighborhood called Quiet Village. It was not the house I dreamed of at all. And after the five hour drive with my not quite two year old I was tired and cranky. When I walked inside I was met by the smell of the carpet; not a good sign. As I tried to fall asleep I wondered if we’d made a mistake in moving into this house. The next morning, my husband went outside to get something from the car and returned with a mason jar filled with flowers with a note that said: Welcome Neighbors! From Anny, Daniel, Deb and Armo. I teared up and said, “Okay the house is awful, but at least we have good neighbors!”

Over the years, we have shared so much with these neighbors. We have mourned the loss of family together as well as the loss of our pets. We have shared our gifts: Deb is a wonderful gardener and brings flowers to our table; I love to bake and often surprise them with a treat for their morning coffee. We take care of things for each other when we take a vacation and our homes are like a second pantry as far as household things go. How much more can one ask for?

Today, Deb came to my rescue (again) when I was in a bind and needed some help with a project. She just put down what she was doing and hurried over to help me. She has done this before and I can’t believe how lucky I am that she is there. It is really such a blessing to have neighbors that are also friends. Imagine if this was true for everyone… what a wonderful world that would be.

A few years ago, Deb found out that she is gluten intolerant. Since that time I have learned to bake many things differently with her in mind. Today, I made her a crustless lemon curd pie with raspberries and whipped cream. I did not know it was a favourite dessert of hers from her childhood. And I wish I could show you a picture of it… but I am just learning to use my new camera and today’s “pie” picture is not available. What I can say is that it was delicious – because Deb shared it. I think this is the first pie in 71 that I have actually tasted – and it was well worth the wait!

One Response to “Day 71: A Friend Indeed”

  1. deb kalmakav June 17, 2011 at 7:03 AM #

    Whew! am I ever glad I bailed on my sweet peas to help you this afternoon Karen … your pie flooded my brain with memories of my mother and her pies! Everyone loved her lemon pies, except me. It wasn’t that I didn’t love her baking, but I’ve always thought that pie crust was wasted effort. As my daughter would say…’I like pie crust. I just don’t like to eat it!’ Every time my mother made a lemon pie she would make extra filling so that I would have dessert along with the pie eaters. When you showed up with a beautiful crustless lemon pie, dotted with perfectly plump raspberries floating on a basket weave pattern of whipped cream I could have been 9 years old, sitting around the picnic table with my family out on the patio! Actually, I guess I was. If only I could find my shears I could get back to those sweet peas…thank you Karen.

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