Day 66: Baseball and Apple Pie

12 Jun

Today was the final game of the Ashland Little League baseball season. We know a young man who is on the team that won. Mark is the younger brother of my son’s best friend – and he has been playing baseball for two years. Mark loves the game and has been an incredible pitcher. It is as if he was born to play the game.

Even though Mark practices a lot, he also spends a lot of time just watching other teams play. He told me that this a good way to learn a few new tricks and it also helps him figure out the signs that the teams use to communicate. I think that says a lot – this kid goes out of his way to get ahead of his opponents.

Imagine today’s scene if you will: it is Mark’s team’s last at bat and the score is 2-0. The bases are loaded. After a series of pitches there is a full count. And then the pitcher throws the ball and the batter swings and something amazing happens. It’s a hit down the first-base line and all three boys on base make it home and the team that was behind just moment’s before suddenly wins the tournament! And then it’s as if there has been an explosion because there is excitement everywhere!

Though I wasn’t at the game, I was very happy to hear the news. Mark is an avid player and I am glad that his team won. I thought it only fitting that he should receive an apple pie in honor of this momentous occasion. Congratulations to this year’s Ashland Little League Tournament winners! Way to go guys!

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