Day 63: Surprise Pie

9 Jun

As I prepared today’s pie, I contemplated today’s pie recipient. Who would that be? I was not certain. And then when we left for our walk and passed a street nearby I thought of a young actress that we had recently seen in a play at Ashland High School. I decided then that the pie would be for her.

One day, when I was in fourth grade, my teacher, Miss Sorola, asked the girls in my class, “Who would like to play the role of Snow White in our play?” I raised my hand but was sure that my friend Diane would get the part. Diane looked like Snow White with her pale skin and long, dark hair. When Ms. Sorola asked, “Karen, do you really want to be Snow White?” I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that she had picked me!

In reality, I think it was a good move because it was a way for her to channel my “Chatty Cathy” behavior. Apparently she was pleased because I also got to play Florence Nightingale and a Spanish Senorita. I don’t remember much about those plays (it was a long time ago) but it was a boost to my confidence to have been chosen to play the leads.

When I went to the young actress’ house I was surprised to find a young child in the yard. Was this actress babysitting? But wait, that man mowing the lawn is not her Dad. And the woman who has just come out of the house is not her Mom. What is going on?

And then Michelle, the new owner of the house, tells me that the young actress moved a while ago and that her family is now living there. She sees the pie that I have brought and jokingly says, “I’ll take the pie!” And I glance at the pie and then back at her and say, “Yes – you should have the pie. You are a new neighbor and this is a good thing.”

And because my pie journey is about giving, today’s Triple Berry Pie was delivered to Michelle, Jeff and Elia. I am very glad that I was able to welcome them to the neighborhood.

One Response to “Day 63: Surprise Pie”

  1. Jeff Parr June 9, 2011 at 7:59 AM #

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for the pie!!! It was delicious. We had our two neighbors over and between all of us and the kids we made short work of it. What a nice end to a gorgeous day.

    Good luck with your pie adventures. I am sure that it will lead to many more serendipitous moments.


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