Day 61: Rene

7 Jun

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Rene was a new instructor at Southern Oregon University when I first met him. My husband and I saw him regularly in the halls of the School of Business. At that time we had a young child and we tried to schedule our classes in such a way that allowed us both to attend the courses we needed to without the need for daycare. Sometimes that meant that we switched the backpack with our baby girl in the hallways. She became a familiar sight to the staff and it was wonderful how they fawned over her.

After graduation our family moved to Portland for five years. When we decided to return to Ashland, Rene contacted us. He was getting married and asked us to cater the reception. It was held at the Mt. Ashland lodge on a beautiful summer’s day.

Putting the finishing touches on Rene’s Wedding Cake

Fast forward to 2007. Our “baby” girl graduated from Ashland High School with the hopes of leaving Ashland behind. Instead, she found herself taking classes in the same buildings that her parents had studied in 20 years earlier. And as luck would have it, Rene is still teaching at SOU, though now he has a few more letters after his name. Our daughter was the first student of a former student that Rene had taught. I am delighted to know that she is in good hands.

With Rene’s help our daughter left Ashland for two years and has been studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. During her first year she attended CBS – Copenhagen Business School. During her second year she has been an intern with e-conomic, a Danish online accounting business. She plans to come back to Ashland in September to finish her final year of studies. Her path at SOU has been unique and she is proof that this university offers incredible opportunities.

This afternoon I delivered a pie to Rene to thank him for his friendship and for helping our daughter achieve her dream of leaving Ashland while keeping a part of herself firmly rooted at SOU. We are truly grateful for his support.

2 Responses to “Day 61: Rene”

  1. Alexandra June 7, 2011 at 1:25 PM #

    Such a lovely and kind gesture! Thank you for doing this mom.

    And thank you to Rene for everything!!!

  2. limberjack June 7, 2011 at 3:09 PM #

    Karen, Just visited your blog and it is great! Another important stop on my daily journey through cyberspace. You and Emile gave Traci and Rene’s wedding that extra something that made it really special.

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