DAY 59: Erica and Josh

5 Jun

About five years ago my son had his first experience with LEAP camp. LEAP is a camp where kids spend time in the wilderness while also learning to trust their own capabilities and their fellow campers. My son had a great time at LEAP and I can give two reasons why that happened: Erica and Josh.

Erica and Josh are down-to-earth and rock solid. The kids that spend time at their camp know that they are in a safe environment but also know that they are in a place where they can test themselves. It was at LEAP camp that my son took his first “leap” into space. The image you see when you google “LEAP” camp is of my son. How wonderful that he felt comfortable and confident taking that leap.

A few years ago I met Erica in a writing class. Once I knew who she was, I wondered what she might think about me, knowing that my son was able to speak his mind at LEAP. I needn’t have worried; Erica had nothing but good things to say about my son or me. What a blessing.

In the last year my son told us that he was not sure what he wanted to do after graduating high school. I saw Erica and shared my concerns about him. She told me that since he’d returned from a rotary youth exchange he was sort of holding up many threads – student body co president, senior, returning exchange student. Erica explained that my son might just be tired and looking forward to a break. It seems silly to think that it took someone else to tell me that he’d already accomplished so much and might need time before moving on.

Erica and Josh are very busy people. Today I gave them a quiche to thank them for the love and energy that they have given my son. He is surely a better person for their efforts.

One Response to “DAY 59: Erica and Josh”

  1. Laura June 8, 2011 at 5:57 AM #

    Erica was my college room-mate and I adore her. I also adore Josh. Thank you for making a quiche for a “power couple” that develops leaders and makes the world a better place. I love your blog and what a wonderful way to be grateful for the people in your life and to make them yummy food. I wish that I lived closer to Erica and Josh so I could share a slice of their “gratitude pie.”

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