Day 57: Livia

3 Jun

The “old” Theatre

Perhaps you know that tomorrow there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the “new” Camelot Theatre in Talent, OR. The “old” Camelot Theatre was a converted feed store that served as a theatre for many years. There were countless problems with the old building but somehow Livia Genise and her team made it work.

About eight years ago, Livia directed my daughter when she played the role of Annie at Camelot. It was an amazing experience for her. It was also important for me to see my daughter working and interacting with a group of dedicated people for several months during rehearsals and performances. And this was when she was in the eighth grade!

A scene from Annie on Broadway

I have attended quite a few of the shows at Camelot over the years and am pleased and excited that they have made their dream of a new theatre a reality. Today I brought a triple berry pie to Livia to recognize her tremendous efforts to get this venture off the ground. She and her team have done a fabulous job and I wish them all the best in their beautiful new theatre.

The “new” Camelot Theatre

One Response to “Day 57: Livia”

  1. sue jaffe June 3, 2011 at 4:36 AM #

    Oh my goodness – the theatre is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photo, Karen!
    I remember Alex as Annie – she was fabulous!
    Congratulations to Livia and the new theatre space at Camelot Theatre!

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