Day 28: I Can See Clearly Now

5 May

A while ago I decided it was time to see an eye doctor.  I’d always known that something was unusual about my vision but I didn’t really know what it was or really give it much thought.  Enter Dr. Dukes from Progressive Optometry.  Within a few moments he was able to tell me what was wrong.  Dr. Dukes told me that my eyes had not been working together for some time and I lacked what he called binocular vision.  I had no idea what that meant until he put the eye testing machine lenses on me and took me outside to look at a tree.  It was incredible!  I had never seen branches reach out like that before.  They were three-dimensional now whereas before what I seen was somewhat flat.

Now that we knew what the problem was, we needed to find a solution.  A simple pair of glasses was not going to work because my eyes needed two very different lens strengths.  Dr. Dukes, his wife Melissa and their staff worked with me for about a year testing a variety of contact lenses so that I could find the one that would work best for me.  And what a difference the contact makes!   I am still seeing the same objects that were there before.  It’s just that now there is a third dimension to those objects – and it is amazing.  And what’s even stranger is that I didn’t even know what I was missing.

To Dr. Dukes, Melissa and the Progressive Optometry staff, Thank you.  You changed my world view – literally!  I hope that this Apple Pie brings you a taste of the joy that I have been given.

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