Day 22: Lois

29 Apr

One night about 23 years ago I was watching television and an M&M’s candy commercial came on.  It featured two children in yellow rain slickers wearing galoshes. The kids saw a puddle ahead and they looked at each other and then jumped in it.  I sat there watching the commercial and began crying.  “Dear God, what is wrong with me?” I thought.  The very next day I made an appointment at the college health center and it was there that I met Lois.  I told her that I was extremely emotional and did not know why.  She ran some tests and then returned to the room and said “I’ve got good news.  You’re pregnant.”  At that point I began crying again.  Lois looked at me and said, “What’s wrong?  Didn’t you say that you were married?  And that your relationship is good?”  When I could speak I replied “Yes.”  Lois asked again, “Then what is the problem?”  I sobbed “I wanted to be perfect before I had children.”  Lois looked at me with a smile and said, “And when was that going to happen?”  She may have been kidding but her words were a great relief to me.   It was wonderful to know that I wasn’t expected to be perfect – I could just be me.  Similarly, my husband’s grandfather told us “If we all waited until we were “ready” to have kids, we’d never have any.”

Every day of our lives we interact with people.  Sometimes we know the people we meet but other times we deal with strangers.  Do you ever wonder if something you say or do will amount to anything?  I believe it – and try to be present so that I can recognize those opportunities.  It’s not easy but now and then, you will find that you can really make a difference to someone.

Today I brought Lois a quiche – and my timing couldn’t be better since her kitchen is being remodeled and she has been unable to cook.  How about that? Sometimes things work out perfectly after all.

“Life is short. We have not much time to gladden the hearts of those who journey with us. Therefore, be swift to love, make haste to be kind.”— Henri Amiel


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