Day 19: Amy

26 Apr

Before I woke up, I knew what type of pie I would make today.  A recipe for Ricotta Cheese Pie had been sitting on my counter for a week.  The recipe combines ricotta cheese with fresh apples in a pastry.   It sounded wonderful.   And it is.  The finished pie looked and smelled delicious -(one drawback when you bake a pie for someone else is that you don’t get to taste it!)

Her name is Amy but some of her peers at The Ashland Library suggest we call her “Olive” because she is the one with “all of” the information.  I first met Amy a number of years ago when she was helping with an election.  She was outside the library at night receiving ballots from those of us who are last minute voters.  I remember that she was smiling and amiable.  And it was evident that she was dedicated.  She may have been working but I got the feeling that she’d have been there even if she wasn’t paid.

Over the last few years, Amy has asked me to provide food for several library functions.  As you can imagine, her budget is limited.  What I like is that Amy just gives me the parameters and then leaves the rest to me.  It gives me an opportunity to create a lovely meal for a group of people who are incredibly appreciative.

And it is my way of thanking you, Amy, for your commitment to your community.

One Response to “Day 19: Amy”

  1. Amy Blossom April 30, 2011 at 5:34 PM #

    Karen, you are so wonderful and you deserve a pie and smile from all of us every day. I can guarantee the pie was wonderful. I knew this pie was meant for all the library staff, so Brad and I had a piece after dinner, then I shared it with the rest of staff. They were delighted and full of rave reviews. This recipe is a keeper. Thanks for creating this wonderful project.

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