Day 15: Nurse Judy

22 Apr

Did you ever wonder where your ideas have come from?  Especially those ideas that hit you suddenly and  in an instant you decide on a course of action to take? Are these thoughts really our own or do they come from somewhere outside ourselves?  Perhaps, if we are open to them, we can be a part of something wonderful.

A while ago, I was working as a baker and noticed that we had a lot of leftover bread in the freezer.  I remembered that there was a shelter nearby and so I packed up the bread and drove it over to them.  As I walked through the door the receptionist asked what I needed.  I told her that I was bringing her some bread.  She stared at me for a moment.  I asked if she needed any  and she said,”Just a moment ago I told the coordinator that we did not have any bread for lunch and you walked in with a boxfull.”  That felt just a little bit strange but it also felt pretty cool.

Today while I was making another pie I thought of Judy, the nurse at Ashland High.  Earlier this week my son had gone to see her with a case of Poison Oak and she had helped him out.  I thought of how many kids she sees in a day and the range of problems that she helps them through.  Most of all I thought how thankful I am that our kids have a compassionate, trained nurse available at the school.  I’ve said it before, we are lucky to live here.

When I called upon Judy to deliver the pie she was definitely surprised and asked why I was giving her a pie.  When I told her how much I appreciated her dedication to our kids she was truly touched.  I was very pleased to be the one to bring her a gift and happy that I was in the right place to “catch” the idea.

One Response to “Day 15: Nurse Judy”

  1. Nurse Judy April 23, 2011 at 4:16 AM #

    What a most wonderful surprise! I had been working hard that day with a Challenging Situation that wrenched at my emotions. Moments after achieving some reasonably satisfactory resolution and taking just a couple of deep breaths, in you walked, pie in hand. It was so unexpected and so perfectly timely! I have since shared the pie with my husband and my son at our family dinner, so your loving gesture went even further. Thanks you so much, Karen! Thank you for sharing both your pie and your warm and giving person with us!

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