Day 14: Mr. D.

20 Apr

This is the spring of my son’s senior year in high school.  Do you remember your last year of high school?  What was that like for you?  My son is a good student and is doing well… but still there is a certain level of stress associated with this time.  Almost  everyone who greets him asks about his future plans.  He fields questions such as “Where are you going to go to college?” daily.   It is a question that asks (or seems to ask) so much more.

It was not so long ago that my son was in 5th grade at Helman School.  It was the same year that Briscoe School was closed and those students were parsed out to the remaining elementary schools.   It was not an easy time for the families that had loved Briscoe;  they had to leave their school behind and acclimate to Helman.  It did not seem fair to anyone.

To say that the group of students in my son’s class presented a challenge for a teacher would be an understatement.  These kids were bright and energetic and ready for a challenge.  Into this arena stepped Mr. D.  He was a new teacher.  I don’t know if he was really prepared for such a group but somehow he won their hearts through his steadfastness.  He was calm and didn’t raise his voice.  He was cool in a way that they wanted to be (think ultimate frisbee).  He was real in a way they were not.

Today’s pie is for Mr. Joe Dunbrasky.  Thank goodness for men like him who choose to teach elementary school.  They are so appreciated for the lessons that they teach and the mentoring that they do.  Our kids are so much better for their guidance.  Thank you Joe for your efforts on our children’s behalf.

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